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NEW PARMA / march-april 2011 PEOPLE DEVELOPING A PAUNCH HAVE A METABOLIC PROBLEM The importance of a healthy diet in treating the metabolic syndrome In the previous articles we described the physiological bases of the metabolic syndrome, and how to treat it through physical exercise. It is now important to face the topic of “diet”, […]


New Parma / The medicine Anti-aging medicine is fundamentally a type of budget based on the modifications of the style of life. The most important concern food, use of supplements, exercise and manage stress. These measures are essential to counteract the deficits that inexorably hormonal take place over the years, which result in organ damage. […]


New Parma / december 2011 Anti-ageing medicine is basically preventive medicine based on the changes in our lifestyle. The most important changes are about nutrition, the use of integrators, physical exercise and stress management. These hints are fundamental to fight hormonal deficit which inevitably occur in years and which lead to damages in our organs. […]


New Parma “Ageing is not a mere physiological process: it is a form of art and only by cultivating it we will make a powerful and memorable “aesthetic structure” out of our old age. What happens in our body is imprisoned in the idea that the mind has of the body itself”. (J Hillman)  Changes […]


NEW PARMA – september/october 2010 About half the population over sixty suffers from obesity. Yet, obesity is increasing in young people as well. Almost 7 million patients in Italy suffer from central or abdominal obesity. The so-called paunch affects 20% of our population. It is not just an aesthetic problem, since abdominal fat is the […]


Accademia del Fitness – Wellness – Antiaging / january 2012 PHYSICAL CULTURE AS THE BEST ANTI-AGEING STRATEGY Anti-ageing medicine is mainly based on 5 cornerstones: nutrition physical exercise food integration stress management hormonal balance We can properly say that these components have always been the essence of physical culture. Obviously, by physical culture we mean […]


NEW PARMA – october/november 2008 On the eve of summer holidays, some of you who are about to take a trip overseas may think of using melatonin to mitigate the effects of Jet Lag. In fact, probably it is this extraordinary substance’s specific use. But what is melatonin, first of all? Melatonin is a hormone […]

DHEA – The mother of all hormones

Accademia del Fitness – Wellness – Antiaging / july 2012 Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the steroid contained in the highest percentage in the human body. It is involved in the production of testosterone, estrogens, progesterone and corticosterone. The levels of DHEA increase until the age of 25, when its production starts decreasing. The decrease in DHEA […]


 New Parma / After Christmas, New Year’s Day and the many social dinners usually given at the end of the year, people usually end up putting on some weight.. 1.5 kg is the average weight increase  according to some statistics. This excess body fat is hard to get rid of unless specific strategies are carried […]