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Let’s now talk about a hormone which is more and more used, especially in the USA, in anti-aging therapy. It is the human growth hormone (hGH, or simply GH). As for its chemical structure, basically it is a protein (that is, a chain of amino acids). Therefore, it has nothing to do with steroids. GH […]


Estrogens are steroid hormones which derive from cholesterol. Together with progesterone, they are the main female hormones. They promote women’s secondary sex characteristics. Actually, they are also present in man, even if in a much reduced amount, since the biochemical process leading to the synthesis of estrogens goes through transitional stages represented by masculine hormones […]

DHEA – The mother of all hormones

Accademia del Fitness – Wellness – Antiaging / july 2012 Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the steroid contained in the highest percentage in the human body. It is involved in the production of testosterone, estrogens, progesterone and corticosterone. The levels of DHEA increase until the age of 25, when its production starts decreasing. The decrease in DHEA […]


New Parma / may-june 2010 We all know that a healthy diet slows down the ageing process, above all if it includes healthy food rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, essential fatty acids, fibres and food which is relatively low in calories coming from saturated fats and simple sugars. Yet, not everybody knows that food […]


Accademia del Fitness – Wellness – Antiaging / january 2012 PHYSICAL CULTURE AS THE BEST ANTI-AGEING STRATEGY Anti-ageing medicine is mainly based on 5 cornerstones: nutrition physical exercise food integration stress management hormonal balance We can properly say that these components have always been the essence of physical culture. Obviously, by physical culture we mean […]


Accademia del Fitness – Wellness – Antiaging / april 2013 Testosterone is the main sexual hormone in men – even if it is also produced in small amounts by women – and it is synthesised by the testicles in the endocrine cells of Leying starting from cholesterol. The biological effects of testosterone become visible at […]