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New Parma / The medicine Anti-aging medicine is fundamentally a type of budget based on the modifications of the style of life. The most important concern food, use of supplements, exercise and manage stress. These measures are essential to counteract the deficits that inexorably hormonal take place over the years, which result in organ damage. […]


Accademia del Fitness – Wellness – Antiaging / april 2013 Testosterone is the main sexual hormone in men – even if it is also produced in small amounts by women – and it is synthesised by the testicles in the endocrine cells of Leying starting from cholesterol. The biological effects of testosterone become visible at […]


NEW PARMA – october/november 2008 On the eve of summer holidays, some of you who are about to take a trip overseas may think of using melatonin to mitigate the effects of Jet Lag. In fact, probably it is this extraordinary substance’s specific use. But what is melatonin, first of all? Melatonin is a hormone […]