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The existence of food intolerance, which we should actually call “retarded allergy”, has no doubt by now been recognized also by allergologists. However, the problem is still the possibility of using scientifically confirmed diagnostic tests. Among the many available tests we can include the vegatest, kinesiology and palpation tests, the DRIA test, cytotoxic tests and […]


L’Accademia del Fitness-Wellness-Antiaging / october 2014 Everyone has heard of celiac disease, an intolerance of gliadin, a gluten protein which is contained in most grain-based products. Yet not everyone knows that there is also “gluten sensitivity”, a syndrome in which there are no anatomical lesions affecting the intestinal mucous membranes, or the relevant absorption problems […]


The palaeodiet is a new diet but it is actually the most ancient diet in the world. In fact, it is the diet primitive cavemen followed in the age before the discovery of agriculture, about 10,000 years ago. For about two million years man had been a hunter-gatherer and he survived thanks to the food […]